Advertising of the Arawan Fresh Dates

Arawan Dates Logo

The Gilliland Groves, located in Phoenix Arizona, where the Palma Viva Condominiums currently reside, produced dates under the brand name “Arawan”.  These fresh dates were, A DeLuxe package of Delicious Taste-Thrills, according to one of the many advertisements produced during that time period.  We’ve collected some of the marketing material from those times and have included a link to photos below:


If you have any advertisements (not already presented here) or marketing from the operation of the date farm, or any marketing material related to the original real estate sales of the condominiums at Palma Viva, we would love to include them on the blog.  Please contact us!

Tom- Palma Viva Owner, Former HOA President & Resident


1 thought on “Advertising of the Arawan Fresh Dates

  1. I have an old box I found at my parents house that says Arawan Fresh Dates on it. I would love to find out how old the box is. There is no date. It just says The Gilliland Groves, Phoenix, Arizona and also it says Net Weight Two Pounds.

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