Palma Viva Construction Photos From 1978!

With much appreciation and thanks to Jim & Sharon Roberts (the original owners of Palma Viva unit 16) we have received a collection of 11 slides from their original 1978 construction.  We are very excited to have received these photos to share with the Palma Viva community!  While the majority of the photos focus on their eventual home, Condominium #16, the photos reveal a number of quite interesting items of historical significance to Palma Viva.  First, one of the photos is  a close-up shot of the inners of the “adobe” walls (see below) from the original “Arawan Apartments“.  These walls can be found on the front and back of the building that houses Units 17 thru 20 at Palma Viva.  In the photo, Sharon Roberts and her friend are standing proudly next to the adobe wall.  In addition, many of the photos give us a rare glimpse of the size and girth of the trees circa 1978.  Others show us the insides of units 17 and 18 in their demo’d stage ready for construction of the individual condos.  Finally, there is a photo of the developer (Alan Mishkin) walking down one of the meandering paths away from the camera.


VERY BIG THANKS to Jim & Sharon Roberts for allowing us to capture these images for the Palma Viva website and all of history!  Do you have similar photography or other history from the early days of Palma Viva?  Please contact us if you do and would like to share!

Tom- Palma Viva Owner, Former HOA President & Resident

Adobe Walls at Palma Vive

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