Where Did the Palma Viva Tagline Come From?

What’s the deal with the Palma Viva Tagline from 1978?

Good question!  According to one of the original residents of Palma Viva (circa 1978), the developer (Alan Mishkin) had marketing t-shirts made up to promote sales of the condominiums.  On the t-shirt was the tagline:

“I Get the Most Dates at Palma Viva!”

We must admit, that’s pretty darn cute considering Palma Viva was converted from an old Date farm!  Now, if we only had a resident who actually saved said t-shirt, that would really be something!  Actually, we’d be happy with just an old picture of the t-shirt too!  Does anyone else remember this Palma Viva folklore or have a copy of the t-shirt hiding in a box?  Please share if you do!

Tom- Former Palma Viva HOA President & Resident

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