Do you have Palma Viva Condominiums or Gilliland Groves history hiding in your closet, stuffed away in boxes, or sitting in storage just collecting dust? Pull all that richness out and post it here on the Palma Viva Blog!  As time continues to pass, more and more of the original residents of the Palma Viva Condominiums (Circa 1978-79) are losing, or have already lost, some of their original photography, their historical documents, original advertisements and marketing, Date Farm history, or even the Palma Viva folklore hiding in their memory banks.  Let’s crowd source and all work together to save this valuable history online where it will never be lost and it will be accessible to future generations forever!

Brought to you by:

PalmaVivaCondos.com  &  UrbanRealty.Co

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